B.A.S.S Elite Angler of the Year…… Best Trophy SMB lake in the World

The BASS Angler of the Year tournament was held on Mille Lacs for an unprecedented two years in a row in 2017 and 2018. The nations top 50 anglers got to experience first hand what we have known for many years.  Mille Lacs is truly a world class trophy smallmouth bass lake.   Both years Mille Lacs didn’t disappoint and 20 pound five fish limits were common.  In 2017  Minnesota native Seth Feider top the field with 15 fish that weighed over 75 pounds….pretty impressive…but wait….over the 3 day tournament there were 77, 5 fish bags that weighed over 20 pounds!

Whats in store for 2018? Anglers from all across the nation are putting Mille Lacs on their bucket list to fish.

We are getting request almost daily for information on guided trips. Its pretty safe to say if your considering a guided trip please book early for our calendars will be filling quickly.

There are a lot of great guides on Mille Lacs. Some are Bass guides, some are Walleye guides and some are Musky guides.
There are not enough Bass guides to keep up with the anticipated demand.

When looking for a guide consider asking the following questions to insure that your fishing expectations are met.

Do you use only artificial Baits?
Do you practice catch and release?
Do you use live bait?
Do you cast?
Do you Troll?
What kind of boat do you have?
Do you supply the gear?
The majority of your guided trips are for what species?

Hope to see you on the lake.

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